hemp field

You’re the One

The growing number of scientifically defended treatments using cannabinoids derived from hemp should inspire us all. The power of medicinal hemp to heal is among the host of medical breakthroughs we read about every day.

We welcome you to “Get Your Life Back” with CBD oils derived from this ancient and wondrous plant!

Who among us would not want to restore our well being without the use of artificially produced and expensive pharmaceuticals?

Quality Pledge

To ensure world class quality of CBD hemp oils, we own and control every phase of the production process from seed to sale. No outsourcing! We own the farms and employ the growers. We own the cultivation and supercritical CO2 extraction equipment operated by our technicians.

While others make claims about “biggest and best” or suggest a level of quality and purity, absent of evidence, we pledge the quality of Tree of Life Botanicals with third party test results available to all.

Last thought

The power of medicinal hemp is gaining acceptance across the nation, not as an alternative medicine, but a mainstream and revolutionary development. Restoring your health so that you can “Get Your Life Back” is our vision for you. Cheers to your good health and working together.