cbd distributorsHow can you make money in the hemp oil industry? By becoming a CBD oil distributor! With $1.9 billion in projected sales by 2022, the CBD oil industry is booming, and now is the perfect time to get in from the ground up. You stand to make a ton of profit getting into the CBD oil industry now.


Why Become a CBD Oil Distributor?

Our CBD oil distributors make commission on ALL sales! As a CBD oil distributor, you can work from home and treat it as your side gig or your full time job. Every time your customer orders and reorders, you will receive your sales commission.

Why Tree of Life Botanicals is the Best CBD Oil Distributor

Selling our products is simple because they work. When you customer receives his or her CBD oil, you will know that they are receiving a quality product that provides therapeutic levels of cannabidiol. We have the best CBD oil on the market. Our CBD oil is:

  1. Nurtured by us from seed to sale. Our organic hemp farms are located in Colorado, USA.
  2. 100% organic.
  3. 100% grown & manufactured in the USA.
  4. Extracted using safe supercritical C02 extraction. This means our products are free of dangerous solvents and residuals.
  5. Infused with organic coconut oil, an MCT. MCTs deliver the healthy benefits of cannabidiol faster.
  6. Non-GMO.
  7. Labeled properly. Up to 70% of CBD oil products are mislabeled, so we pride ourselves on labeling our products properly.

Simply put, we carry the best CBD oil products on the market. Whether you are interested in selling our CBD oil tincture, or any of our organic CBD oil products, you are guaranteed to get the purest, most potent product on the market when you choose Tree of Life Botanicals.

Ready to Become a CBD Oil Distributor?  Follow these Steps

Here are four simple steps to becoming a CBD oil distributor and earn commission selling to friends and local businesses.

STEP 1: Register a Sales Account

You can register a sales account here.

STEP 2: Purchase Starter Pack

Purchase a discounted Starter Pack which includes several products to sample. You can purchase these from your sales account. Starter Packs start at $99 and are optional.

STEP 3: Complete New Hire Packet

Now that you’re a part of the Tree of Life Botanicals family,  we’ll have you fill out a W-9 and direct deposit form so you can receive your commissions. We pay these every two weeks.

STEP 4: Start Earning Commission!

If you want to sell to your friends and family you will find your own unique Referral Link inside your sales account. You can share this via email or on social media. Whenever anyone orders using your Referral Link you earn 25% commission! It’s that easy.

Once you start reaching out to retail businesses and signing them up with Tree of Life Botanicals, you’ll be given sales codes that connect your business customers with your sales account. As long as your customer keeps reordering, you will receive your sales commission. Selling our wholesale CBD oil is simple because our products work!

Sell our CBD Oil Products in your Retail Store or Business!

We can get you setup to purchase our CBD products at wholesale prices. Fill out our form with your information and we will contact you shortly. You can count on Tree of Life Botanicals to provide the highest quality CBD Oil products on the market.


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