cbd oil safety

Is CBD Oil Safe?

If you are wondering if CBD oil is safe and non-addictive, a recent announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) should put your mind at rest. Cannabidiol (CBD) is “not likely to be abused or create dependence,” according a recent review by WHO’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence. WHO said that pure cannabidiol “exhibits no…

CBD oil weight loss

CBD Oil and Weight Loss

Looking for a new weight loss supplement? Try CBD oil! In recent studies, CBD oil, also called hemp oil, has shown some interesting results. You can buy CBD online at our CBD/Hemp Oil Shop. CBD Oil, Weight Loss & Metabolism In the scientific journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Korean researchers explored the potential for CBD…

cbd hemp oil fibromyalgia

CBD Hemp Oil & Fibromyalgia

Have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and want to buy CBD hemp oil? If you have, then you probably know that doctors currently do not know the cause of fibromyalgia and aren’t exactly sure how to treat it. Here’s some good news: doctors are beginning to research the role of the endocannabinoid system in the…

CBD anxiety

CBD and Anxiety

You may have heard about CBD’s anti-anxiety effects and wondered if there is science behind the claims. Good news: amid the countless examples of anecdotal evidence, more scientific studies are emerging that demonstrate how CBD may help anxiety. How CBD May Help Anxiety Although more studies are needed on human subjects, preclinical studies on animals…

Buy CBD Oil

5 Tips For Buying Hemp Oil

There are plenty of places you can buy hemp oil online, but not all hemp oil is the same. Quality, potency and purity varies greatly brand to brand. At Tree of Life Botanicals, we encourage people buying hemp oil to consider the following: #1 What is CBD mg of the hemp oil? Many companies list…