1. Sales Onboarding Paperwork

In order to get paid commissions please download and complete the forms below.

    2. W9 FORM
    3. Fill out completed forms and email with subject line “PAPERWORK” to admin@tolbotanicals.com

2. Start Earning Commission Selling to your Friends & Family.

    1. Share your Referral Link on Social Media, Email or Text and earn commission when they order using your Referral Link.
    2. Share our Retail Sales Catalog with your friends and family. You can download it below.

Download Retail Catalog

3. Start Earning Commission Selling to Businesses.

    1. Share our wholesale pricing catalog with interested businesses. You can download it below.
      Download Wholesale Catalog
    2. When you’re ready to signup the local business and start earning commission. Download and complete the New Business Account Form below.
      Download New Account Form
    3. Email completed form to admin@tolbotanicals.com
    4. We issue the store a wholesale discount code tied to your sales account.
    5. You earn commission on orders and we ship the orders to the store.