supercritical co2 hemp oil

Tree of Life hemp oil extract products are created using hemp oil extracted using CO2. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is naturally present in every breath you take. Humans breathe is out, plants breathe it in. We use a 90L capacity Vitalis extractor to extract a full spectrum of all beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes naturally occurring in hemp.

The raw hemp oil is winterized to remove solid fats and plant waxes, and may be distilled further to remove lighter lipids and further concentrate the cannabinoids.

We can create any of the following products along the hemp oil extract spectrum:

  • Winterized raw oil
    • 50-60% CBD
    • Rich spectrum of accessory cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Distillate
    • 70-80% CBD
    • Viscous, transparent fluid with every little flavor
    • Fully decarboxylated
  • CBD Isolate
    • 99% pure CBD
    • White crystalline powder with no aroma, little flavor
    • Can be mixed easily into products and formulations
  • CBD Shatter
    • 98% CBD Isolate
    • 2% terpenes or other flavorings
    • Can be readily vaped
  • CBD Crumble
    • 75% CBD full spectrum Distillate
    • 25% plant wax, fatty acids and terpenes for flavoring

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